Announcement – Carus Orthodontics Temple practice is moving to the Carus Orthodontics Killeen location by Carus Dental


On October 30th, 2018, we will merge the Carus Kids/Carus Orthodontics Temple practice into our Carus Kids/Carus Orthodontics Killeen location. Our singular concern is how we can best meet our patient’s health care needs. The merger will offer convenient appointment options, location choice and most importantly, quality care.  If you have an existing appointment after October 30th, we will be contacting you to move the appointment to the Killeen location.

We are excited to announce Dr. Athena Whitfield, Dr. Samuel Preece II, Dr. Alex Zreik, and Dr. Kevin Delane, along with our team members from the Carus Kids and Carus Orthodontics Temple practice, will continue your care at the Killeen location. All support staff are experienced and dedicated to making every visit as pleasant as possible. The Killeen location offers the same care environment and technologies. Your dental records will be transferred to the Killeen location.

Carus Kids Killeen and Carus Orthodontics Killeen 3901 E Stan Schlueter Loop, Ste 109 Killeen, Texas. 76542 Carus Kids (254) 526-9696, Carus Orthodontics (254)526-0266

We thank you for placing your care in our hands and will do all possible to honor your trust. Should you or any family member have any question about this correspondence or encounter any concern during or following the transition please contact a team member at the phone number below:

Carus Kids (254) 526-9696                       Carus Orthodontics (254)526-0266

We are honored you’ve chosen Carus Kids and Carus Orthodontics for your oral healthcare needs. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!


Carus Kids/Carus Orthodontics Family