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Carus Dental
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by jeanette on Excellent Team

Excellent Team. Skilled, talented, compassionate. Dr. Bates and his assistants exceptional! Office staff: very cordial and responsive Office ambiance: very clean, private, refreshments available, magazines, water. Conveniently located. I have a new smile! I can smile again! Kingwood office great too. Dr. Whitehead superb.

April 12th, 2018. As soon as one enters the Georgetown Carus Dental location a warm welcoming ambiance is the initial experience! It is a pretty office, very clean, neat and organized! Nice amenities, too! My dentist, DR. KIRK, has a confident engaging persona! He and his kind-spoken personable assistant SHELLEY, are super attentive to the patient's experience as they go about gracefully executing their stellar expertise! It is especially inspiring that they have current dental technology that ensures stress-free, virtually pain-free experiences. LAFONDA is the shining star that ensures the office runs like a fine-tuned clock! She is a quintessential resource for all things about this wonderful office and even the surrounding community! The front arena is peopled by confident, welcoming professionals who are friendly, and graciously interact with the patients and with one another! I have already referred two people to Georgetown Carus Dental this week!

by Nicholas on Very Welcome

The staff and doctors made me feel very welcome. I had not changed dentist in years and this was a great way to start off my new dental experience. Really looking forward to my next visit with everyone!

by Nicholas on Very Welcome

The staff and doctors made me feel very welcome. I had not changed dentist in years and this was a great way to start off my new dental experience. Really looking forward to my next visit with everyone!

by sandra on Great Job

Every one very professional and courteous great job. Thanks

by sandra on Great Job

Every one very professional and courteous great job. Thanks

I had a wonderful experience with Cara Harstad! She was very friendly and very knowledgeable about gum health and giving me tips on cleaning my teeth. Great listening skills and I would differently recommend family and friends to her.

by Sarah on Very Pleasant

his is a pleasant and friendly office. I always feel welcome and the hygienist is very patient with me and my sensitive teeth.

by Denise on Great Office

Very professional and nice office & dental staff. Pleasant to deal with and works with insurance and your concerns in a timely manner. Little to no wait on most appointments.

Hoffman, Kervin S., DDS and the office staff in round rock and in cedar park really went above and beyond!! Needing a root canal isnt fun, but having to deal with it while pregnant was atrocious! This amazing office personnel made it a point to help get me an appointment asap!Even better the awesome Hoffman, Kervin S., DDS took extra time to make sure my pain and problem was handled immediately! I cant even begin to thank y'all enough!!


This dental office is truly amazing. It's note your typical dentist office. From the front desk staff (Jessica) to the dental tech (Marisol) to the dentist, they make you feel like a patient - not a number. I was scared to go in - dentist are not at the top of my list - but they helped me overcome my fears - they call you to check on you a couple times after your procedure to make sure everything is going ok. Like I said AMAZING!!!! Thank you to everyone there making my experience with your office pleasing.

Great admin staff (always pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable), great Dentists, great Dental hygienists and great service! Always a pleasant visit when I go. Dr. Cherian is one of the best if not the best Dentist I have seen over the course of 40 years. Very professional, pleasant, personable and very knowledgeable! My Dental hygienist (Jen) is great. Always a great visit with her as well. Very professional, very personable and very knowledgeable and always pleasant! Just a great overall Dental Practice!

by Harold on Great survice

Dr. Henderson and all his staff are one of the most professional practices I have had the privilege of using. He is always looking out for my best dental interests and keeping my dental problems under control. I would recommend him to everyone.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ross for many years and each and every visit I have been seen in a timely manner. The office staff is very professional as well. I recently decided to further my treatment and repair my front gap. I chose a partial, Dr. Karakourtis and Dr. Sagi worked together to ensure that I would get exactly what I wanted and with their help I am feeling really good about myself. I am still in the process but this is simply amazing work. All the dental assistants are really personable especially Michelle. Respectfully Fred R Garcia

My dental hygienist (Megan) is the most efficient and kindest person that's ever taken care of me in any dentists office and I always look forward to my appt with her. (Dr Eugene "Chip" Silvertooth). I mean come on, outside of living up to his name and becoming one of the best dentists I've been to he is now in charge of the training program for Carus Dental and don't forget (Sierra(?), She always knows exactly what the Dr Needs before he asks for it. Knowledgable, Congenial and Experienced are all words that come to mind when I interact with the whole team at Carus Dental Office

by Perry on Freak Accident

A week ago today I had what I called a freak accident. While I was riding my bike around the Town Lake Bike trail. I found myself standing there looking a my bike from back to front. In the background I could here a siren getting closer and closer to me. The next thing I know somebody was asking me questions about my well being. I never really looked at the guy who was talking. I couldn't tell you what he looked like to save my life. I stood there looking at my bike. I remember him giving me some paper towels to wipe my mouth. That's when I realized something was really wrong. My lip was bleeding, my tooth was bent back into my mouth, my shoulder was hurting a little, my right thigh was bruised, my right ring finger was bruised and my glasses bent out of shape a little. I still didn't remember falling or anything. EMS made me sign his pad because I didn't want to go with him. After they left I kept looking around trying to figure out which way I was going to go to get to my car. I decided to go to my right because that's the way I was pointed. Thank goodness that was the right way to get back to my car to go home. I put my bike on the back of my car and headed home. When I got home I called my old Carus Dental that use to be on 183 to get the number for the other office over by Mopac. I called my new Carus Dental told them I need to see someone because of my accident but they could only see me at 7:30 the next morning. Then I called the Cedar Park dental and they gave me an appoint for 4:00 the same day. Doctor Tran came in and I told her my problem. She fixed my tooth so that I could close my mouth and eat again. The following Monday Doctor Tran called my home to check and see how I was doing. I really appreciated her taking time out of her day to actually call me to check on my well being. Thank you Doctor Tran, I truly appreciate what you did for me.

Dr Staci Armand is by far one of the finest dentist that I have had treatment from. From cavities to crowns to patient care, Dr Armand does it all. We were new to the area and read a lot of good things about her. Upon meeting her and working with her for over two years, I can say that she is a tremendous dentist. Her diagnosis has been spot on and when she refers you to a specialist, they take excellent care of you because you are Dr Armand's patient. She listens well to your concerns, treats you with gentleness and makes coming to see the dentist a visit that is a comfortable experience. I will miss seeing her in the Kingwood office and would not hesitate recommending her to my family and friends.

Dr. Tea is the best dentist I met. She always makes me feel at home in that chair. No pain or discomfort. Highly recommend to everyone who needs to see a dentist. All the staff is always welcoming and pleasant.

by James on Dr. Vaughn

I have only been to the dentist a handful of times in my life. I am not getting any younger and I recently purchased dental insurance for my wife and myself based on possible future needs. I have always had really good teeth and haven't had much of a need for the dentist based on my country roots. If it ain't broke don't fix it! I had such an outstanding experience this visit that that is a thing of the past for me. Dr. Vaughn is THE most caring and informative dental professional I have had the pleasure to meet. She did a comprehensive exam of every tooth, followed by a follow up of a treatment plan and a print out of any findings she had. This young woman found things that were a NEED that all other dentists neglected to point out. After our discussion of my dental health, the hygienist stated that she couldn't get to my teeth cleaning due to a super busy schedule the day I went and she would be happy to place me on the schedule for the next Friday I was off work. I was a little disappointed by this, but because I had had such outstanding service I had no complaints. Dr. Vaughn, even though working through an extremely busy day, stepped in and volunteered to clean my teeth!!! It felt pretty awesome to have someone care enough to step outside of their normal realm of duties to help ME!!!!! I am hooked and will be back to this office with this dentist to continue with my care...Needless to say, I have expressed my review to EVERYONE I know :-) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

I called Dr. Henderson's office this morning At Carus Dental because I had a pain in my upper and lower right mouth. Every time I call Dr.Henderson he get's me in right away. When I go in Dr. Henderson is very sweet and understanding and patient, he always listens to any issues that I have that's going on with my mouth. I have felt very comfortable going into Dr. Henderson's office that's why I continue to give him my Business.

I recently met dental hygienist MANDY SMITH, dentist DR. RASHMI KURIAN, and front office manager RENUE, at their beautiful new super- welcoming Hutto office! Renue, Mandy and Dr. K., all possess wonderful personalities and lovely soothing voices! I moved to this area from Maryland, where for years I had the same dentist and oral surgeon who provided kindly caring expertise, and, I am very dental phobic, so it was with great trepidation that I went into research mode for dental professionals!! I am thrilled that I have discovered this dental treasure trove of experience and ambiance!

by Jerri on New Patient

Dr Tran is awesome. She gave me a complete care plan with cost, my insurance coverage and my total out of pocket expense. The treatment started immediately and I'm on my way to happy smile. Monica, the hygenist, is awesome as well; very thorough and gentle.

by Jerri on New Patient

Dr Tran is awesome. She gave me a complete care plan with cost, my insurance coverage and my total out of pocket expense. The treatment started immediately and I'm on my way to happy smile. Monica, the hygenist, is awesome as well; very thorough and gentle.

by Steven G on Root Canal

I would like to thank Bryan Mitchell, D.D.S.., M.S. for the care given while preforming the Root Canal along with his assistant. I was very comfortable and the procedure was painless. I really appreciate the care given from you all. And I would highly recommend Dr Mitchell.

by Bobbi on Good Job

I hate the dentist. Causes a huge amount of anxiety. The whole staff put Mr at ease, diagnosed problem quickly and explained everything thoroughly. I have found a new dentist.

I moved to Texas from the Northeast this year and I'm grateful to have discovered Carus Dental, Georgetown! I have been going to dentists for 60 years in 8 states so. I have a broad deep and wide repertoire of experiences with dentists! Having said that this office has the best front arena team of professionals ever in my experience, secondly, the hygienist was stellar, finally, last but not least, the one dentist I've met so far was a warm gracious communicator!

by Wanda on Best in Town

Dr. Tran and staff are awesome people. They have a very caring attitude, very nice, helpful. I moved over when they opened the new location, and I am very please with the service they have shown my daughter. They even took care of another dentist office mistake. I am happy to recommend this office to all my friends and family.

Amazing dentist and staff! I had a temporary crown and a filling done in one appointment by Dr. Cathy Tran & her assistant Lori. They made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that I was being taken of by a team of professionals who truly cared about me as a individual. I highly recommend Dr. Tran and this location if you are seeking a new dentist.

by Michelle on The best

Dr. Ochoa is simply the best! Since our first visit with both my kids he has always made them feel at ease. He is always very thorough and answers every question and concern you may have. When my son lost his first tooth, he wanted to go to the dentist. He always remembers them and their stories even with all the kids he sees. :)

I had such a positive experience at Carus Dental in Hutto. Dr. Melody Salehi was incredibly kind. I was nervous prior to my root canal, she explained the procedure and was very gentle during. The office staff is friendly and accommodating, really nice people. I'd recommend this office for anyone looking for a dentist.

by Diane on Thank-You

Dr. Fernando Ochoa and staff came to my daughters rescue on an emergency, after hours call to help my daughter from an accident at a water park. Thank you so much for your kindness and knowledge to help her!

Everyone from the front staff, to the lady who took my X-rays, dental hygienist, dental assistant and last but not least, Dr. Thomas was excellent!! They made me feel very comfortable. They were extremely gracious and polite. My waiting time was minimal. I am so thankful I have found a good dentist to not only take care of my dental problems, but someone who I will continue to see on a regular basis for preventive care. The best dentist and dental office I have ever experienced!!! Top rating!!!

From the front desk staff, to the hygienist, to the dentist Dr. Tran, this is the best care team in town. I cannot thank them enough. They are always willing to work with me financially, and no matter the cost I get my money's worth every single time. My mother, father, brother and husband are all patient's of Dr. Tran's, and we are so lucky to have found her.

I would highly recommend this office. Dr. Tea and staff are fantastic. They are friendly, very knowledgeable and take the fear out of dental work! They thoroughly explain each procedure and your comfort level is a high priority. Jessica Lee, my Dental Hygienist, was the best hygienist I have ever been to. She was very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly.

I highly recommend this practice. Dr. Tea and staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They thoroughly explain all treatments and make sure that you are feeling comfortable at all times.

Jessica Lee is absolutely the best Dental Hygienist I have ever been to. While being completely professional, she still makes you feel comfortable and does a fantastic job of cleaning, and explaining what she is doing.

by Pamela on New Smile

For 10 years I laughed or smiled while covering my ugly teeth-But when the team with Doctor D came thru and finished up my treatment I have a true Colgate smile. No Pain in the procedures and no difficulty getting in to see her. I am a happy person again laughing as big as I want to!

by Phyllis on Thank you

From the front desk with Victory to Dr Griffin tech assist Dina hope I spelled that right ,was amazing Thank you Dr Griiffin for the gentel care and time that you spent with me . I will most definitely spread the word of the Quality of care and positive experience .

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

I love the way there is no pain when I get fillings or other work done. He takes his time in making sure I am doing fine during all of my visits. To me there is nothing to improve. The staff that are there are very awesome. He is the best dentist I have ever had and I have a quite a few in my 62 years.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

These Dentists are two of the best dental care providers that I have ever had. Both are knowledgeable and go out of their way to make me feel like they really care about my health. I especially appreciate that they take time to explain to me what they are doing and why... and take extra time and effort help me to improve my oral health. Their professionalism and kindness is second to none.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

I was called back in less than 10 min. of my appt. time. The asst. was friendly & personable, as was the reception staff. The dentist came in with a friendly smile, shook my hand and introduced herself. She asked why I was there and went to work. She examined my teeth & apologized for any pain I might have experienced during her examination. She explained everything that was going on with my dental issues. She then answered ALL of my questions without making me feel she needed to hurry to the next patient (this was REFRESHING!) The Dentist gave me a referral to an endodontist & prescriptions for infection & pain. The staff scheduled my next appt. and I was out of there in 1 hour! That includes filling out intake forms! I'M VERY PLEASED!!

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

My experience was great, the office and labs are clean, my surgeon was kind, funny and well experienced. My procedure was painless and quick. Very kind staff, it felt like a friendly environment.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

It went well, the Dentist made me feel comfortable while getting my treatment, he explained to me what he was going to do and what would/could happen after.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

My visit with the Dentist was exquisite! He made me feel comfortable while doing treatment 'Best Dentist ever!'

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

The service I recieved going to cens dental was excellent. Doctor was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend her to anyone and plan to use her as my dentist going forward.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Very friendly staff. Everyone was very professional and took time explaining treatment plans. I would highly recommend this office.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Quick, easy. Friendly & attentive & knowledgeable office. Would recommend anyone to come, to have a great experience!

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Dentist is compassionate, caring but professional in every way. Root canals from here are a total walk in the park, painless-Great doctor.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Great! Dentist was attentive & efficient. I was seen on time, and the visit was quick and painless.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Very professional staff. Friendly & thoughtful. Best receptionist ever!

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Excellent care. Doctor explained everything very well and was very gentle. Best dental experience I have had. One filling placed and I didn't feel a thing!

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

The staff was professional and friendly. I was seen at my scheduled appointment time. The dentist does a great job at explaining the process and ensuring the patients comfort. All cost are explained in detail with no hidden cost. I have been very happy with each of my visits.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

My family and I love this Dentist. She has taken great care of us She has even fit me in during a dental emergency helping me to leave with a BIG smile.

by Verified Patient on Carus Dental

Appointment started on time. The Dental Assistant did the initial interview and took X-rays before the dentist came in. The Dentist, the assistant and the patient became a 'team' addressing the dental problem. The Dentist explained things extremely well to my wife. This bolstered her confidence in the procedures which are ahead. This is the best dental experience I have experienced in at least 50 years.

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